Sit in with Jessica for an Evidential Mediumship Reading and you will be able to hear from your passed loved ones.  This reading is to help you connect to those who have passed on, experience an emotional healing, and for you to know that they are still very present in your life and would like to communicate with you!   

30 Minute Reading $60

60 Minute Reading $85

Mediumship Reading


Get a gift certificate for a friend or family member to see Jessica for any service.  Great for holidays, birthdays, and just to help them feel loved!

30 Minute Session $60

60 Minute Session $85

Gift Certificates


Psychic Readings with Jessica can help to guide you on things happening in your everyday life.  She will help you learn the potential outcome of situations with your family, relationships, and career.  These readings can be very insightful when you are looking for answers or guidance when making a decision.

30 Minute Reading $60

60 Minute Reading $85

Psychic Reading or Card Reading


These sessions will be specific to things going on in your life. Jessica will help you make decisions and work towards your goals in all areas of life so that you are empowered and on the path you want to be on.

30 Minute Reading $60

60 Minute Reading $85

Intuitive Life Coaching


Jessica will travel to you for a group reading or have a group to her office.  These can be Mediumship Group Readings or one-on-one Psychic and Card Readings.  Send Jessica and email to schedule a night of fun for your group!

$35/person for 10+ people

$40/person for less than 10

Group Sessions


Jessica will guide you into a meditation to help you see and relive your past life.  This is a great way to see what your purpose was in a past life and it can also help heal patterns carried over into this life. 

30 Minute Reading $60

60 Minute Reading $85

Past Life Regression


In these one-on-one sessions with Jessica, you will learn to understand and development your intuition by working through your own emotional healing and practicing different techniques to help you strenghten your gifts.

30 Minute Reading $60

60 Minute Reading $85

Psychic & Mediumship Development Sessions


In these one-on-one sessions with Jessica, she will offer Reiki Healing.  Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and comfort. 

30 Minute Reading $60

60 Minute Reading $85

Reiki Energy Healing

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