Sweat that Shit Out!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Last night was a 🌚 New Moon, there was a Solar Eclipse 🌔 yesterday, and a meteor shower was happening last night also. 💫 That’s a lot of extreme energy and we are in the sign of Leo! 🦁 This happens to be my sign and it’s a regal sign of ruling ourselves! This is the perfect energy for releasing in time for attracting new things in life.

I took part in a Sweat Lodge last night. This is the dome shaped figure you see and there is a tent material placed over it. It is used for a ceremony of purification and it happens through 💦 sweating it out.

We entered the tent ⛺️ and sat for about 2 hours dripping in sweat while letting go. It was such a powerful experience. It is a process of honor and sitting in intentional discomfort as a sacrifice. Beautiful Native American songs were sung, drums were played, the energy of the ancestors were brought into the tent through hot stones, earthly medicines were sprinkled onto the stones that had been burning in a fire 🔥 for a couple hours prior to the ceremony. You could feel the presence of the ancestors and the intense energy from each soul present.

During the ceremony, the door opened 4 times. Each time the door closed the focus shifted to honoring the ancestors, sending healing to others, sending healing to ourselves, and offering gratitude.

Leaving the tent I felt freedom and a positive disconnect from guilt and shame. A renewal of things to come and peace ✌🏻 for the past and the future. To top it all off, we ended with a dip in the lake under the stars. 🌟

If you ever get the chance to sit in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, take it!


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