Magic Monday! September 30, 2019

Family Culture

Learn more about your family's stories and history.

Your family's history affects you in many ways. This card asks you to learn about the stories of your family's past. Find out which countries your parents and their relatives came from. How did they travel to their current location? What languages have been spoken? What jobs have your family members held? The answers to these questions and more will help you understand yourself better. You can also feel good about your heritage as you learn more about it. And learning about your family will help you feel closer to them.

This card also says that your past may be affecting you right now. It asks you to remember anything in prior times related to your present circumstances. For instance, was there an experience in which you were scared or hurt? This card means you need to clear this past energy, which you can do by talking to someone like a counselor or trusted friend, writing about it, or asking your angels to heal you. Perhaps there was an experience so long ago that you've forgotten about it? You can ask your inner self- especially as you're falling asleep- to help you remember whatever you need to know.


Love comes from many directions but the love you should focus on in the moment is love for yourself. In order for you to find love or feel love from another, you need to feel love for yourself. You may be hanging on to past memories that you can forgive yourself for.

Take time to connect with your higher self in meditation. Spend time loving your body through yoga or physical activity. Give your body the fuel it needs to know you care. Eat nutritious and let go of the food you are using to sooth yourself.

It's time to let go of the past and love yourself. You are a beautiful soul and you have so much to give. Look in the mirror today and send love to yourself! This will help open your heart chakra to allow more love from others as well.


Day Dream a little, but don't forget that those day dreams can become reality. Use your imagination to dream of the life you want to build. If you can dream it, then you can have it.

Be careful what you wish for. Your imagination sometimes worries and dreams of things that are not ideal. Remember to look at the things you do want to attract, rather than the things that you worry will happen.

Use your dream power to manifest the life you desire. Write down those things in a journal. Write it as I have, I am, I feel so that you are letting the universe know you are ready!


Jessica Tanselle @2016 All Rights Reserved