Magic Monday: October 28, 2019

New Moon Magic Monday! These cards were brought forth during a beautifully intense energy session. Thank you to the owner of these cards for allowing them to be seen!

Use your magical powers to meditate. Turn inwards for those answers you have been searching for. Also, be patient. You may find your meditation very peaceful and quiet while the answers you are looking for may come after your meditation through a sign. Pay attention to your surroundings and allow spirit to guide you. Focus on your breath and meditate.

Meditation through movement is beautiful. Maybe you need a walking meditation or dancing or yoga meditation. What works for someone else, may not work for you. Do it your way. Meditate through movement and turn to mindfulness. Be aware of your breath and surroundings while you are present with yourself and aware of your body. Breath deep and enjoy the movement.

That passion within you is burning. It's curious and wanting so much spiritual connection. This could also relate to a love connection! There is a lot of passion and fire in your lower chakras and it is igniting your heart! Fuel the fire and be cautious not to over do it. Your passion is fierce. Lead with love.


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