Magic Monday October 14, 2019

This Magic Monday followed a Full Moon. These cards were spot on for the things I noticed during my Full Moon Meditation on Sunday. Check out the meaning behind your cards below.

Work through your fears

What have you been resisting in your life because you’re afraid. We are often afraid of the unknown or of making a change because we can never be sure what the outcome will be. Ask yourself: What are you afraid of? You wouldn’t keep thinking about this change if you weren’t meant to make it. Your intuition is giving you signs that you’re on the right path. Trust the universe. Trust yourself.

The answers you need are coming

You’ve been conflicted between two things and possibly more. You’re thinking with your logical mind. Although that is helpful, what is your gut telling you? Trust your gut. This may not be an easy choice to make. Don’t take the easy route. Lead your own path. You already know what to do. The signs will be there. Stop ignoring them. You’ve got this!

What do you need to release?

Let that shit go. You don’t need it. In fact, this belief may have a deep ancestral link. It’s not yours so get rid of it and do things your way. Write down the mind sets and patterns that need to go. Say a prayer/intention of gratitude and ask that these things be released with grace and ease. Then move forward and don’t give it a second thought. The rest will happen naturally!

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