Magic Monday Oct 7, 2019

What a Magical week this is! The Full Moon is on Oct 13 and there is a lot of power behind this full moon and many people are feeling major shifts. These feelings are being felt in the body and a lot of emotion is releasing! So, let's see what the cards hold this week!

Remembrance. It's time to work through some old memories. These are memories that keep coming to the surface or are finally coming to the surface. Don't tuck these away. Allow yourself to sit with the emotion and let it out. Find YOUR method of getting these emotions out. You may find that crying is the best release for you and also working out, journaling, breathing, and meditating are helpful. For many, getting out in nature helps to clear our mind.

Take time to look at the memories and past traumas that are coming up. Do some work on these by remembering them and then changing them! Rework that memory. What would you have liked the outcome to be? Visualize and feel that new memory. This will help you to sit with the emotion and heal these past triggers. You are amazing! Allow yourself to feel! Release the old and make room for the new!

Nothing has gone wrong. In fact, you are doing perfect! You are finally finding a way to put yourself towards the top of your list. The feeling arising are because the changes you are experiencing are new and scary. When we don't know an outcome, it feels scary. Feel it and say thank you as you make just one step forward and allow the next door to open.

Stop listening to others opinions and perceptions as if they are your own. What matters is that you are following your gut instinct/your intuition. Your intuition will always lead you the right way!

Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to sit out in nature and feel the higher vibration that the universe is lifting you into. Your intuition is moving things out so you can experience the feeling of enlightenment and happiness. Listen to the messages dropping into your mind, your guides are working with you to help you. It's not just your thought! It's help from the other side.

You have the power to create your own happiness. Let go of the things and people that do not bring you happiness. Make changes in your life. With each change, you will feel a little bit closer to your higher self.


Jessica Tanselle @2016 All Rights Reserved