Magic Monday November 4, 2019

The cards are powerful this week. We are in Mercury Retrograde so sometimes we need a little extra power behind our messages.

Inner Voice

You keep questioning your inner voice. Does it matter if the inner voice is your passion, your soul, or a guide? It's what you really want so go for it! Push through the fear and accomplish that goal that you keep working towards.

Soul Writing

Spend some time with your journal. Write out some memories that you need to remember to feel that connection to your past. These should be feelings of love and happiness. Think back, remember, be grateful, and then move forward. It's time.

Inward Revolution

You don't have to doubt your gut. Your mind is telling you one thing and your gut is speaking loud and clear to tell you which direction to take. This could even be causing stomach pain or discomfort. Listen to your gut and allow yourself to make the changes you need to make.


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