Magic Monday! November 25, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Clear your mind. Your mind has been going a million miles a minute. Is this how you want to spend your holiday week. Relax. Delegate, if needed. Have some down time. Let's see what this week holds for you!

Take a moment to yourself to get things in order for yourself BEFORE you take on everyone else's task list. This is a simple first step to putting yourself first. A good way to start is to focus on your breath filling your body and releasing your breath and expectations on your breath out. Recenter, refocus, and take your time.

You have the upper hand this week. YOU get to be the example. Radiate the LOVE that you truly are. When family starts pestering you this week, remember that you are love. You are the answer to keeping everyone cool. We aren't saying to take responsibility for others, we are saying to be responsible for your happiness and the rest will follow. Don't let others lead you astray.

Your loved ones are with you. They always are, but especially this week as you gather together. Talk to your loved ones that have passed. They will be showing you and your family signs that they are near.


Jessica Tanselle @2016 All Rights Reserved