Magic Monday November 18, 2019

Mercury goes direct this week. You may feel a little change mentally or physically. Your body is readjusting. This Mercury Retrograde was smooth and full of love. Allow yourself to send love to you and take time to chill through this short adjustment.

Channel your inner most desire. What is it you have been wanting? You've put it aside for others and it's now time time to move your focus back to those desires that are deep within. Start by getting it out on paper and then take the first step towards accomplishing that goal. It's time for YOU.

There is only light. You have been focusing on the dark. The things that seem to be misguided in this

life. Shift your focus to what you have instead of what you don't have. You have so much and you've overlooked it recently. Look around and find gratitude. Things are shifting for you as you allow it.

Do you feel that happiness and joy. We have seen you walking around with that smile and feeling like life is at ease. You can relax a little more because it is. It is easy. You have stepped into joy and it is all for you. Stop waiting for the shoe to drop. Happiness is a part of you!


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