Magic Monday! November 11, 2019

The Winds of Change are among us. Many of us are going through changes and the time is now. You are harvesting what is coming in 2020 so be sure to direct your focus to the things you would like to see instead of dwelling on what you may not have in the moment. This Full Moon energy and the manifestation date of 11/11 is powerful. Write down the things you want to attract and dream big.

Conclusions are within reach. You've been looking for answers and you have been waiting as patiently as possible. The journey is part of the process. Allow yourself to enjoy the rest of the journey. Let go of the reigns and let things flow naturally. You will know soon the answer you have been awaiting.

Emotions are running high! Take a deep breath and let your emotions flow. The less you try to control them, the easier they will release. You are doing such great healing work for yourself. Be curious about why you feel the emotions you feel. Acknowledge the deeper meaning. Now let go and feel the emotions and allow them to guide you.

You're very close to achieving your goal. The end is in sight, yet it is a beginning. You finally know your worth and are ready to receive. Allow yourself that chance and enjoy that feeling of joy and happiness. You have the opportunity to walk through the days with ease and joy while you await what you have manifested!


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