Magic Monday May 18, 2020

The vibration is lifting and life is returning to a new normal. It's time this week to use your own magic and manifest what you want to attract in your life. Allow yourself to decide what it is you want to create in your life. What have you been dreaming of that you previously put aside? It's time for you. You've allowed your focus to be on others and now it's time to allow your focus to be on you first. You can nurture yourself and fill your cup first, make your dreams come true, bring about happiness and that cup will flow over into the other people in your life. YOU are the creator of your dreams.

You are moving into a space where your dream reality is becoming your outward reality. This is an extremely powerful time, and it's vital to keep focused on the highest good of all. You no longer want to relive your own history and/or feel unsupported. Acknowledging where you once were and how you have changed that situation around is a powerful focus of gratitude that will align you with universal abundance. Discipline and commitment are important now. Consider that you are moving between worlds when you daydream or create visions and bring life-enhancing ideas into reality. Magic is manifesting all around you- this is exciting!

A phase of your life may be coming to an end, but it's important to acknowledge it's not the end. When one door closes, another opens. You may have been desperate for change, but now that it's here, you could feel vulnerable. Know that the mighty goddess Freya will guide you. Illusions are now being revealed so that you can leave behind anything that is false, step into your peaceful warrior-like energy and welcome the changes you deserve. Tie up all loose ends and take heart. This is an exciting time.

You have a deep spiritual connection and must trust the guidance that's coming through. Your devotion to the spiritual path has been recognized. It may feel as if you've been on a mental/emotional battlefield, but there are sweet messages of hope around you now. Krishna is here to boost your sense of connection to the divine and encourage you to act from your soul. If a decision needs to be made, as yourself what will honor your soul and those around you. If you can choose the best for all involved then you will feel even closer to the divine.



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