Magic Monday May 11, 2020

Allow yourself to be still and reflect on what is coming next for you. Don't worry about how or when, just think of what you would like to see next in your life. Is it happiness, freedom, love? Whatever it is, allow yourself to feel this energy and write it down. We are in the beginnings of a new world. Make the changes now in your own life that you would like to see happen and allow the rest to unfold. The time to make changes is upon you! You get to create the life you want.

People who are angry are really afraid of getting into trouble- even adults and people with important jobs. So when you meet someone who acts like a bully, remember that this person is really just afraid. If you get angry back at the person, you'll just add to their fear.

You can heal away anger with your thoughts of love. See the goodness in everybody (including yourself). Know that everyone really wants to be happy. No one likes to be a bully. No one enjoys being angry. Bullies and angry people are very lonely because their anger pushes other people away from them. So, you can help by being kind to such people.

You'll also want to be kind to yourself and listen to your inner voice, which tells you how to stay safe. Call upon angels, especially Archangel Michael, to protect you if you ever feel afraid. And love is your best protector because your inner voice helps you to know the love that's within every person. It will keep you strong, no matter what.

One reason why you feel unsure right now is that you're trying too hard to know the answer. The best thing to do is to let go and relax. The answer is right there for you, and as soon as you stop trying so hard, you'll know what to do.

In this case, the best solution is to sleep on it. When you awaken, you'll have a much better idea about the best plan of action. During your dream time, the angels and unicorns will show you how to come up with a happy solution. They'll show you that the power of love and light heal everything. They'll also help you find the strength to take action.

So for right now, don't worry. Trust that your answer will be there for you when you wake up in the morning. It may not be the whole answer, but it will at least guide you in the right direction. Sleep well!

Your body has been tense because the people around you are wound up too tight. This has made you think that you're the one who's stressed, when it's really them. Stress has had some bad effects on you, such as making you feel angry or sad. You may have also had some trouble sleeping. Now is the time to do something about this.

Stress can worsen things, so it's important to let it go. Breathe in a deep gulp of air and think about all the things that make you feel stressed. Then blow those things out, and the angels and unicorns will take them to Heaven where everything is fixed. Stretch your arms and legs so that your body lets go of stress, too.

Now, think of something that makes you feel happy. You can also talk to a friend, a pet, or your angels and unicorns. You don't have to feel stress, anger, or sadness. You have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings. the unicorns hope that you'll choose to feel happy right now.



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