Magic Monday March 30, 2020

Our earth is healing. We are in a time of crisis and it is for something. Find the positives in your life right now and relax. Relax and allow yourself to be free like you never have before. Let go of the worry and doubt and fear. Enjoy this time that you FINALLY have to slow down. This is your time to thrive. Find the things you WANT to do and let go of those that you don't want to. Follow your gut and BE you and free of all other things.

You are not lost. You are right where you need to be. My Child, you are full of heart filled compassion and love. Start every process from your heart center and exude compassion and love. Even in the times that fear tries to take over, send love to that situation. Send love to yourself and others. The love that pours out of you will help any situation at this moment.

Let the sunshine in. Be fearless and allow the divine light to pour in through your crown chakra and connect to your solar plexus chakra. You are so free and independent. Allow your light to shine forward for others who are unsure of where the light is. Allow the light to energize you as you share the light. Freedom comes from just Being. You are a strong being and a light in this world. The more of the light you share, the more free you will be.

Your faith is unwaivering. It holds you steady and your family. Those family may be related or unrelated. You are leading in a powerful way even if you aren't able to see it yet. Continue doing what you are doing and lean on your strength when you need a boost. Ask for the support you need. You offer so much to others and it is okay to ask for help. It isn't often that you do this and you deserve to be supported as much as you support others. Thank you for all you do.

During Covid-19, You are still able to access sessions with me, as well as events with me and many others!

Welcome to SoulFire! We are a High-Vibe virtual venue & classroom for the presentation of live, original, soulful, healing, uplifting, and edutainment-style content sparked by Jessica Tanselle (Healing Within) and Molly Maloney (BLISS-WORX) and created with the following goals:

1. To promote community. 2. To provide opportunities to continue to expand our minds and hearts. 3. To help support our friends & colleagues whose businesses may be adversely impacted during this time of uncertainty.

Click the photo to join this group! There is no cost for this group or its events. Love donations are accepted by those who share. TO SCHEDULE AN EVENT: e-mail

I will be offering Live Readings in the SoulFire group this Saturday night from 9-10 pm est. Join me to get a mini reading! No cost, donations accepted!

I am still offering one-on-one intuitive sessions! Click the picture to schedule your session. These sessions will take place via zoom, FaceTime, or phone call.


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