Magic Monday March 23, 2020

We have been in a whirlwind of energy. There is a lot of uncertainty right now, but be patient. Try to release the fear and see the healing that is happening to our society and the earth. Be mindful of how you are feeling. You could be feeling a lot of weight from the world right now. Sit and breath into your body. Disconnect from all the other energy and feel just your energy with your breath. Send healing and love out into the world while keeping yourself whole and grounded. So much peace and love to you all.

Inner Vision Penetrates the Veils

This is a card of mystery and hidden knowing. In our own tribal consciousness are the belief systems that we value for our survival. They are not always known to us, even though we live by their rules every day. We protect them with our fear, and when they are no longer useful to us we make them our icons of power. This card asks us to look beyond the veil to see what is hidden there.

Creativity/ Expression

This card is a celebration of freedom into creative self expression. Your own myths need to be expressed, as they hold the seeds of your soul's purpose. The dragon represents ancient wisdom and also creativity and courage. Find new ways to express yourself.


This is a card of release as well as fulfillment. Often it is our fears or our passions that guide us and take us into new levels of consciousness, but ultimately it is our wisdom and understanding that opens the way. The path of wisdom is the most difficult and the easiest, as we have to come to a place of knowing that the only teacher is the divine, and the only thing of true value is our journey toward union with the divine. This card indicates that you have come to a place of understanding and wisdom about your process, and that the next step you take will be a wise choice, even if it looks like you are leaving beauty and comfort behind. You know the truth.

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