Magic Monday March 16, 2020

We are in a time of social distancing and it is so important that we take care of ourselves! When we care for ourselves first, it allows us to take care of others. I picked these cards for this week because they are meant for personal focus. Allow yourself to learn what you need right now. What are the things that allow you to be happy and healthy? We have been working towards this time and now we all must be in vibrant health. Look inwards and find what it is you need.

My friend, you still need nature. Allow yourself to distance and also allow yourself to connect back to the earth. Open the windows and allow the fresh air to flow through. This too shall pass. Nature nutures your mind and soul. Remember now to close yourself off from the energy of Gaia. Love yourself and ground yourself. Put your feet in the grass, hug a tree, listen to the water flow in the creek. BE still and listen.

Your heart is leading you. It's time to connect deep into your heart space to your soul and see what it is you need. You've been wanting to make spiritual changes in your life and now you can. You have all the time to create the space you need. Meditate, Read, Channel through the deep soul messages of words and art. BE creative.

Let me guide you there. Allow this guide to help you see, feel, and hear the messages of enlightenment. Allow your prayers to flow and listen for the answer here in this space. It may be silent at first but continue to listen and the answer is there. In the right timing it will come. You have done the work. BE patient.


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