Magic Monday June 15, 2020

Each of these cards reflects change and coming out of hiding. Allow yourself to find your truth this week and don't worry about opinions of others. Your voice matters more now than ever. Stand in your truth and in your own transformation as our world goes through this same process. You are supported by the other side!

Cards by: Kimara Wilhite Photography

It is easy to resist that which we do not think we want, that which we do not think should happen, and that which is uncomfortable. Allow yourself to breath into the resistance and let go. Let the universe guide you. Allow yourself to decide what you want to bring forth into your life but let go of control and ACCEPT that divine order is happening for you. Accept yourself and your truth. The universe will do the rest of the work.

It is time to look in the mirror and accept the being you see with the love of the universe. By learning to love yourself, you attract the love you deserve. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of happiness. You are worth all the love you have been asking for. See it in your soul. Love is pouring into your heart and out into the universe.

Each day, protect your energy. You can be empathetic without taking on others energy and feelings. Ask yourself, am I feeling this or is this someone else's feeling? Ask your spirit team to release any feelings that are not yours and anything that is ready to be released with grace and ease. Ask to be surrounded in a pink or amber bubble of protection. Your spirit team will help you to protect your energy.



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