Magic Monday June 8, 2020

Each of these cards reflects change and coming out of hiding. Allow yourself to find your truth this week and don't worry about opinions of others. Your voice matters more now than ever. Stand in your truth and in your own transformation as our world goes through this same process. You are supported by the other side!

This card is symbolic of the changing face of transformation and timelessness. Mother Kali is the indestructible power of passion, clarity, and healing that comes to us through our feminine nature. This is the mother Goddess who sees our strength and weakness with equal compassion. Do not be afraid of clarity at this time, as even the most challenging self observation will be couched in compassion. the window to the soul has just been washed, so to speak. You are able to see yourself clearly, and with accuracy. Allow the mother Goddess to hold you as you illuminate your own darkness.

This card represents a choice you are about to make, or are in the middle of, that signals letting go of an old way of being. The world that has formed you is no longer alive and vital, and you must leave it behind. This is a conscious choice. But there is a grief in letting go. You may be experiencing fear of the unknown, but the courage to change prevails and there is protection and grace in the new way of being. The predominant theme here is conscious choice.

Mask Medicine is a card of power and connection. In our culture we use masks unconsciously. In fact, we often deny their existence, while we use them to stay asleep and isolated. This card is telling you that you can wake up and use the power of your mask for your highest good.



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