Magic Monday June 1, 2020

Be patient with yourself. There is a lot going on in our world and it can make us feel overwhelmed and powerless, but you are in control. You can empower yourself to feel happy and heal with others in our community. Much love to each of you!

Sometimes our words are kind, but our actions and our facial expression show something else. Remember to focus on yourself and what you need to feel those positive vibes. By focusing on yourself first, you are able to send out more positive vibes to others. Slow down, take one thing at a time. You are doing so great. Release any feeling of overwhelm and fear. Focus on your breath and feeling your best energetically each day.

Allow yourself to focus on what you would like the outcome to be. This may be in your personal life and it may also be for your community. Let go of how this will happen and just decide how you would like to see life. By letting go of control of how things will happen, we allow the universe to provide an unseen path that will lead the way.

Feel your emotions. Allow them to flow outward instead of suppressing them. When you let them flow, you allow yourself to heal. When you suppress and control them, the energy can cause emotional pain and physical illness. Allow yourself to feel your emotions to heal them. This will allow you to heal quicker and to speak your truth.



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