Magic Monday January 27, 2020

Self Care. Self Love. How you care for yourself, is how you care for others. It's time to show up for yourself!

Take some time to reflect in meditation. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Allow yourself to be guided through this card and your own intuition. When you sit and breath, see what comes to mind and then focus on that memory or "thing" to see what you need to know about it. You may find a helpful healing piece or an answer you've been looking for.

You have so much support in spirit wanting you to take care of yourself so that you have more to offer. You deserve to feel fulfilled while you support others. Don't forget that you need air before you can give air to others. Say no when needed, delegate where you can, and relax just a little bit.

You deserve to be listened to just as well as you listen to others. Utilize your support system. Find that best friend who will listen to you in return. You deserve it. You don't have to do it all alone and you can be independent at the same time!


February 7 and 8, 7:30 pm: 90 Minute Valentine's Day Variety Hour with The Chicken Coop Theatre.

Come out for Psychic Love Connections with me!

Much love!



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