Magic Monday January 13, 2019

I was super impressed by the masters supporting us this week. You may choose to pick a card or use all three cards to support you this week! Lot of self-love is showing up for us.

Horus is the Egyptian eagle-headed god and son/twin flame of the goddess Isis. He is known for his foresight, psychic awareness and ability to travel between the worlds. He can help us move into the cosmos with our mind, meditations and prayers so we can harness the natural magic that surrounds us. He was known for ritual magic in the past, and now he helps create pockets of energy in the world where we can access light, wisdom and insight. You are connected to the universe and have the ability to manifest miraculous experiences. Your thoughts, words and actions are like magnets drawing the energy that creates and cultivates your world. You have a stellar gateway chakra above your head, a vortex of energy that is influenced by your own energy. You can place ideas into this vortex to create what you are seeking. The universe also offers you guidance, abundance, support and healing based on your capacity to connect to it and accept it. You have a real opportunity to further that connection now by sending prayers and intentions out into the cosmos.

Jesus helps us overcome sacrificial love when we have to leave behind something in order to get the love we want. He is also the light keeper we can call on for support with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an act of self-love. You are being encouraged to know that whatever you have done to yourself or others, the divine is not condemning you. You don't have to forget what has happened, but you no longer need to allow your whole story to be defined by a situation that doesn't support your happiness. Jesus is here to bring miraculous shifts of healing to you and all those around you and to release you from the burden of self-loathing. He wants you to know that he sees the child of God within you. He also brings clarity and healing to any situations concerning your father, either on Earth or in heaven.

Mahavatar means 'great incarnation' and Babaji means 'sacred father'. Mahavatar Babaji is a deeply respected master yogi who was introduced to the world through the teachings of the Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda. Babji is said to be over 2,000 years old and able to travel between Earth and other worlds. Many believe that he is like Christ himself, bringing deep love, acceptance, forgiveness, insight and direction.

You may feel that you've retreated from the world recently. Maybe you've not been as active socially or spiritually, but this time of inner rest has really paid off. You are becoming more and more consciously aware of how connected you are to God and all living beings. This sense of union is called yoga. Yoga goes beyond physical ability and into a sense of awareness that's created through spiritual practice, mediation, and devotion to the divine. The yogic father is here to inspire that fire of union with you so that you can understand your thoughts and actions are creating the waves of energy that form your life.

I am focusing on self-love this year and I'm bring you along with me! I have limited spots available in the 'Her Inner Warrior Academy' and in the 'I Am My Own True Love, Women's Valentine's Retreat'. Let's remember who we are and then fall deeply in love with her again! e-mail me for more details on these events!


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