Magic Monday February 24, 2020

Happy New Moon in Pisces. Many of you have had high emotion with the retrograde and now we have this beautiful new moon energy. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, let them flow, and give yourself some extra self love and self care.

The New Moon in Pisces card speaks of dreams and romance, of soulmates and poetry. It suggests there's a new start coming your way that's connected to a matter that leaves you feeling somewhere between having your head in the clouds and being in a totally altered state. There could be confusion and disappointment if that's what you've had before and that's what you're expecting. However, if you're onto a good thing then wish hard because the words of your soul and your heart could help bring about the manifestation of your dreams. If all that sounds a little wet and watery then that's Pisces for you. This is the last sign of the zodiac and the New Moon in Pisces card can suggest a last-ditch chance to make your dreams come true.

Pisces is the sign of the reveries and mysteries or depths of emotion, idealism, and hopeless romantics. It is the sign of water and the unconscious - its energy is deep, like watery depths. The New Moon is Pisces indicates a time to listen to your feelings and to allow your emotions free rein. Whatever your feeling as you pull this card is more than likely the truth, unless you've been kidding yourself somehow - and only you know if that's the case or not.

Your mind has been focused on the negative in each situation. Although your mind knows the positive outcome. It's time to trust yourself and your manifesting powers. Find love in all situations. Now, that doesn't mean be perfect, but find the positive (or the lesson) in each situation. Allow yourself to acknowledge the fear and tell it to move on! What we focus on expands... release the fear and focus on what you truly desire.

Wow. The last card just stated that what we focus on expands and this card is starting off there. Be specific on those goals and what you want to achieve. Be unapologetic and dream big. You've held yourself back before, over and over even. Don't hold yourself back. This is your moment to shine. The universe made room for you to step forward and follow your dreams. Now the next step is yours. Step into your power.

The past is the past. There have been some dreary things happening and the light is shining. However, you're worried that shit is going to hit the fan again. Stop worrying and focus on being happy. Enjoy being present in the moment with your loved ones. Look up and allow yourself to see the beauty around you. The light has shined along your pathway and it is time for you to be. Just be and breath in the positivity.


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