Magic Monday December 9, 2019

It's the week of the full moon and 12/12 has a lot of energy this week. We are closing doors and opening new ones. It's time to release the old energy from this year and many years past. Be ready for this new energy coming in. This week's cards are definitely helping with a huge release! Take a deep breath and a sigh of relief.

You've been dwelling on a situation. It's taken a long road and it has served its purpose. Take a look at the journey and the lessons you've learned. Find the gratitude for this situation or person. Send them love and take your lessons with you. Find joy with the excitement of new beginnings even better than before.

It's time to listen. You have someone needing your ear and your support. Give them the love they need. This isn't yours to fix. This is your chance to listen and love. You will get much out of this time of giving to others. There will be a peacefulness that comes over you for yourself and the others you are consoling.

You've worked so hard and you are almost there. Now it's time to let things flow. You've taken the action you need. Get ready to watch your work from this year unfold around you. You've already done the hard work. Now, relax and see what you have created.


Jessica Tanselle @2016 All Rights Reserved