Magic Monday December 2, 2019

Happy Holidays! We are officially in the holiday session and I am sending love and light to you all for the energy to enjoy every piece of this time of year. Take a moment to see the bright side this session and see each other with love!

The ancestor spirit is so strong this time of year. Our loved ones in spirit love to be near us and spend time with us. This is a time of year where family is present, emotions and stress are sometimes high, and so much love and giving in the air. When we call on our ancestors to help lift us, they will. So speak to your loved ones. They love you and they know you miss them. They hear your messages and are sending you signs that they are near.

Put your worry aside. Change your focus to abundance. It is there for you. You just need to see things differently. Instead of 'I don't have' or 'I can't,' think 'The abundance is coming' or 'I have everything that I need.' Find gratitude in what you have and for each paycheck. Turn around, my love, abundance is here.

The changes you are going through are fierce. Stand tall. You are doing amazing things with you life and YOU are the only one that can execute these changes. YOU are the only one that can take care of you. YOU are strong and fierce. Walk into fear and make the changes you need with love. One step forward will open doors for you. You will be guided one step at a time.


Jessica Tanselle @2016 All Rights Reserved