Magic Monday April 27, 2020

It's time to contemplate what's next for you. Allow yourself time to sit and manifest what's coming next in your world. Be true to yourself about what you really want. Then allow yourself to learn or practice what is needed for that dream. Then be patient. We often allow ourselves to dream, but when we can't figure out how to make it happen we let go of that dream. However, if you allow yourself to dream of the possibility of what you desire to come your way and let go of how it will happen, you will be given the next opening toward that dream. One step forward will open another door for you.

Take time over the next couple of weeks to SLOW down. Not be still but slow down and allow yourself time to just BE. Dream Big!

This card wants you to know that you're correct in what you're thinking about this situation. You already know the truth, even if it's knowledge that's held deeply in your heart. Take a moment and feel what your body says about this situation. Your body also knows the truth, and it will tell it to you if you will just stop and listen.

You can also hear the truth from your angels. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and silently ask a question. Then listen to the words that come into your mind. Your angels always tell the truth. They use words and feelings of love and warmth, even if they're telling you something that you don't want to hear (such as asking you to make a life change that you don't feel ready for).

This card also asks you to tell the truth to yourself and others. As long as you speak like the angels do, and use loving words and actions, it's best to be truthful. If you're afraid to tell the truth, ask Archangel Michael to give you courage and protection. He'll also help you know exactly what to say and do so that everyone will benefit.

Do you want to know why some people are really good at sports, music, or art? They practice these skills a lot! This card is a sign that you need to practice a skill that's important to you so that you can be really good at it.

As you practice, some days you'll feel stronger than others, yet you'll notice that your skills improve the more you use them. So have patience with yourself and your teachers. It may take time for you to learn how to do something in the best way. Practice really is the best way to improve your skills.

As you practice, you'll learn new ways and methods. You'll also enjoy yourself more as you get better and better at your new skills. So whether your dream is to paint, write, dance, sing, or do crafts, practice is one way to make your dreams come true.

This card wants you to know that your prayers are coming true very soon. There's no need to hurry or rush, and there's definitely no need to worry. (After all, worry can slow down your wishes.)

Your desires are coming true in what's known as "Divine timing." This means that they're happening at exactly the perfect time for everyone involved. All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in just the right way. You'll be very pleased with the results!

This card asks you to keep believing and not to give up hope. As you're waiting, put your energy into taking positive action to help your prayers along. For instance, if you get a strong feeling to do something like reading a. book, taking a class, or writing something, it's important that you do so.

Love and Light,



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