Magic Monday April 20, 2020

The cards for this week are from the Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans. I find it interesting and beautiful that we have pulled in the feminine energy of the Deer, the masculine energy of the Cheetah and the gentleness of the Lamb this week. It is so appropriate for where we are in our world. We are in the middle of our world changing for the better. It is easy to get caught up in the heaviness of the change through resistance. However, going with the flow will allow you to see the change in a positive way. Allow yourself to go with the flow, re-evaluate things in your life, and start fresh. This is the time to make the changes you have been wanting to make!

I have this week's events listed after the cards. Be sure to check those out!

Loving, Intuitive, Graceful, The Mother

The Deer represents the feminine aspects of Earth energy. This energy is available to all creatures (regardless of gender) but is especially potent in new parents. During the first few days they are fully present, nurturing, and calm. Their inner beauty radiates and a sense of grace calms the room. A Deer personality affects others in this way, drawing them toward a quiet tenderness. The Deer card may appear when a birth or celebration of new life draws near... or when a situation calls for absolute gentleness and compassion. Nature and children help bring the Deer into balance.

Peaceful, Prophetic, Patient

The Lamb is the bearer of an important message. Its contents can only be heard when a deep level of quiet has been established. Lamb energy is the honest guidance you hear from an old friend, a young child, or sometimes a surprising stranger. Though the Lamb's message may channel through another person, the wisdom resonates within you. It will repeat and reverberate until you listen. Approach this gentle creature with utmost patience and reverence. Truth is a gift. Sit still, listen, receive. Meditation and listening bring the Lamb into balance.

Solar Force, Action, Achievement, Masculine Energy

The Cheetah is the epitome of the solar forces at work. The sun doesn't shine onto the Cheetah, it shines from inside this great creature and expands outward to brighten the universe. The energy within a Cheetah personality is palpable to others, and they naturally attract an audience to bear witness to their remarkable achievements. Purpose and passion are the best fuel for a cheetah's forward momentum, so if you're lacking in those areas reconnect to the why before you start running. Reconnecting to purpose brings the Cheetah into balance.


Interview with International Medium Dave Vickers

Wednesday April 22, 7 pm est

in SoulFire: A High-Vibe Initiative Group

Witch You Would

episode: I Witch You Would Pleasure Me!

Wednesday April 22, 8:15 pm est

on the Witch You Would Facebook Page

New Moon Ceremony

Wednesday April 22, 9 pm est

in SoulFire: A High-Vibe Initiative Group

Live Readings!

Saturday April 25, 9 pm est

in SoulFire: A High-Vibe Initiative Group

Psychic & Mediumship Development Group

Every Monday, 7:45 pm est

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