Magic Monday June 29, 2020

Updated: Jun 30

This week is all about stepping into your power. The month of June brought in a lot of energy. It's time to utilize this powerful energy to allow yourself to be fully open to who you are as a person, the life you have had, and the future you are creating! Allow yourself to flow with the changes. You will feel more in control as you let go and enjoy the ride. Things are looking up!

When we awaken to the power of our own courage and strength, we're more in tune with our purpose. We feel freedom and confidence in our voice - allowing very little to deviate our mission. Lions carry a regal beauty combined with resilient power. They're excellent hunters who have learned the art of patience and timing with an ability to overcome challenges. Lion is here to remind you that you're a rare and powerful beauty, capable of achieving anything you choose with strong and steady courage. This may also be a call to embody a specific role of leadership in your life. Pause to feel what is true for you. Whenever you lack courage or feel emotionally depleted, channel the mighty regal lion to regain your deep inner roar.

Forgiveness is potent medicine and one of the most important spiritual practices we can cultivate. When we forgive, we allow our lives to move forward with more ease. Deep challenges or past hurts may hold your greatest gifts and can be doorways to incredible insight, growth, and compassion. When you forgive yourself or others, you say yes to life and open up to something more aligned. Although we may want 'the other' to apologize first, we can't control one another. By saying 'no' to the harboring of negativity and suffering, we take full responsibility for how we feel, clean up disharmony within ourselves, and allow acceptance and love to prevail. Surrender control, let go of blame, and receive the underlying teaching. You're ready to take the first step. Bring love into your own being in this very moment.

Food is an extension of the Earth's love for us, which we must never take for granted. It is a tremendous gift that fuels and nourishes us. Lovingly put foods into your body that make you thrive. Be willing to experiment with what this means for you personally. This is a journey and may change as your feminine phases change. It's also delicious and should be enjoyed! When you consciously eat with gratitude, you raise your vibration, enhance your foods' flavor and nutrition, and encourage a positive relationship with your body. Food is also a wonderful way to come together with others and take pleasure in communal meals. As you explore a new appreciation for food, consider the season, your cycle, and where your food comes from. This may also be a metaphor: How are you nourishing yourself beyond food and how is this impacting your well being.



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