About Jessica

My name is Jessica Tanselle.  I am a Louisville native. I have lived in L.A., Florida and Pittsburgh, but Louisville is the home I always come back to! I'm a Psychic Medium, Mind, Body, & Soul Coach, Public Speaker, Dental Hygienist, singer, dancer, and actress. You may have seen me performing with theatre companies around Louisville. I love fitness, especially spinning; reading, Harry Potter, Danielle Steel novels, and traveling! I've traveled to England and made sure to find Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross Station while I was there.   


I've been a Dental Hygienist since 2006 and in 2009, I received a (spiritual) message while I was taking a shower. The message came as a thought in my mind. Before I could finish thinking how weird it was to talk to myself that way, I knew what had happened and who the message was from. That important healing message was for my mother who tragically passed 8 months later. In 2014, 5 years later, my father died of Liver Cancer and I was guided to see a Medium to aid me through the healing process. These occurrences helped me embrace my psychic abilities and accept my calling to work as a Medium.


I started working one-on-one with mentors, in development groups and workshops to understand my gifts as a Psychic Medium. This led me to study abroad at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England. The work I do is healing for many and has brought healing and peace in my life as well. It has allowed me to receive peace from the loss of both my parents at a fairly young age. It has also allowed me to work as an Intuitive Life Coach to help bring insight into other's lives. I now work with people from all across the country.  Some find me online or by word of mouth, while others are referred by their therapists and counselors. Whether in-person, over the phone or through Face-Time, I've helped individuals, couples, and children to understand and make changes in their lives. These sessions often lead to a deeper and better understanding of themselves and to personal growth. Sometimes we just need a little spiritual push to give us the tools to better our lives. In everything I do, my goal is simple: live my best life and follow my intuition!


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